Best Boxer Briefs for Women

The Top 13 Best Boxer Briefs for Women in 2023

Let’s go know about the best boxer briefs for women. If you are a person who won’t to wearing panties, then you recognize that it’s difficult to seek out an authentically comfortable pair.

If you find some that don’t travel up, chances are they have an uncomfortable waistband or associate versa. Thongs can be really exasperating but do put off the dreaded panty line, while your classic swimming suit cut usually feels better down there but bunches up and creates unbecoming lines. So what’s the solution?

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Boxers for women (or anyone who feels like traditional boxers don’t suit their body) of the route! Boxer briefs have recently been ahead of a lot of reputation in the middle of women all over the world. This is because boxers are extremely comfortable, make for the perfect night clothes during summertime, and don’t show any party lines. Not to talk about that if worn under a skirt, they will prevent your thighs from chafing.

What is Boxer Briefs for Women

Boxer briefs for women are a type of underwear that combines the design elements of both boxers and briefs. They are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive fit, much like traditional men’s boxer briefs, but with adaptations to suit the female anatomy. These underwear typically have a longer leg cut that extends down the thigh, similar to men’s boxer briefs, and they often have a snug and stretchy waistband to stay in place.

Boxer briefs for women are popular for various reasons:

Comfort: The longer leg cut and relaxed fit provide more coverage and can help prevent chafing or discomfort.

Support: The design offers support without being too constricting, making them a comfortable option for everyday wear.

Coverage: Some women prefer the added coverage that boxer briefs provide, particularly under certain types of clothing.

Versatility: They can serve as underwear or loungewear, providing both comfort and style.

Style: Boxer briefs for women come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, catering to different style preferences.

It’s important to note that different brands may offer variations in design, fit, and materials, so there can be some variability in how boxer briefs for women look and feel. The main idea is to combine the comfortable fit of boxers with the support and snugness of briefs, creating a versatile and functional underwear option for women.

The Top 13 Best Boxer Briefs for Women in 2023

1. Reebok Women’s Seamless Boyshort Panties

2. Hanes Women’s Underwear

3. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Cotton Boyshort

4. RicherPoorer Women’s Boxer

5. Calvin Klein Women’s Pure Seamless Boyshort

6. MeUndies Women’s Panties

7. MELERIO Women’s Seamless Boyshorts

8. TomboyX Women’s Underwear

9. WS Women’s Seamless Boy Shorts

10. Woxers Women’s Panties

11. Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs

12. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Boxer’s

13. Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boxer Briefs

1. Reebok Women’s Seamless Boyshort Panties

This brand is an eternal one. Their boxers are made from high-performance material that is hard-wearing and soft. They are a perfect mix together of nylon and spandex and are for this reason lightweight, breathable, and gentle on skin.

They are trendy and multicolored and have the Reebok logo on the waistband. They are easy to worry about and may be machine washed and tumble-dried.


1. Easy to care for

2. Moisture-wicking fabric


1. Slightly more expensive

2. Hanes Women’s Underwear

We know what you’re thinking, “Hanes, really?” While you’ll connect the brand together with your first pair of massive girl panties once you were three or even the underwear shoved into the rear of your drawer for laundry day, we assure you the brand has come a long way since then.

They now offer a good array of designs including soft, patterned boxers for ladies. Plus, these are very budget-friendly!

3. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Cotton Boyshort

If you are on a mission to find the best boxer briefs for women, then these are your best bet. They are available in a number of colors and styles. They have a pull-on conclusion and a cotton gusset. Made from cotton, these boxers are soft, comfortable, and sturdy.

They have a contrasting elasticized Tommy Hilfiger logo on the waistband and a lively polka dot design that looks cute and trendy. Whether you choose to wear these boxers to bed or simply when lounging around the house, these boxers will not let you down.


1. Has a cotton gusset

2. Doesn’t ride up at the back


1. Material is a little thick

4. Richer Poorer Women’s Boxer

These to some extent more femme boxers have a real cult following online, especially since you can also buy them with matching barrettes. The no-slip waistband ensures they stay, and therefore the soft cotton body keeps you comfy all day long.

Whether you’re buying these to bum in or to wear as underwear, we promise you will not be disappointed.

5. Calvin Klein Women’s Pure Seamless Boyshort

Comfort is one and the same with Calvin Klein, and that’s precisely what these women’s boxers offer. They are made from a blend of eglantine and nylon, so they’re extra stretchy and durable. They have the Calvin Klein logo on the waistband and provide full rear reporting.

The seam-free limits make a clean look when damaged under form-fitting clothes, and they don’t ride up at all. It’s no wonder that this brand is a favorite in the middle of many celebrities, including Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.


1. Seam-free edges

2. Soft, stretchy, and comfortable


1. Slightly more expensive than other boxers

6. MeUndies Women’s Panties

MeUndies make some of the most comfortable, gorgeous underwear out there, and their new women’s boxers are no exception. With no buttons or needless fabric to bunch or rub, these underwear fit under even the tightest pants without causing panty lines.

The Micro Modal fabric is soft and breathable, making these the most comfortable underwear you’ll ever own. Plus, you’ll trust that each one MeUndies product is ethically sourced.

7. MELERIO Women’s Seamless Boyshorts

These flat boy shorts are made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex. They are not to be faulted and lightweight and prevent chafing. They help compress muffin tops and any stomach flab. These trendy shorts are a must-have!


1. Mid-thigh length

2. Super smooth


1. Slightly see-through

8. Tom BoyX Women’s Under Ware

Tom boyX has a simple reason for obtainable: Here’s the deal, there are women who love to wear boxer briefs. Until now, they’ve had to wear men’s.

Not to any further extent. The corporate is all about inter sectionalize and inclusion, and that they recognize that not everyone who wears their underwear may recognize as a lady.

They have LGBTQ+ product lines, including trans pride boxers and barrettes, plus they donate to a number of excellent causes like the ACLU.

9. WS Women’s Seamless Boy Shorts

These not-to-be-faulted boy shorts offer a relaxed fit and are durable. They have a low-rise comfort waistband and are available in a sort of colors and styles.

Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, you can comfortably run, jump, and exercise in them as they are super-elastic. They are affordable and don’t shrink after washing.


1. Seamless and stretchy


1. Available in one size fits all

10. Waxers Women’s Panties

Waxers are exactly what they seem like, boxers for ladies. With a comfortable waistband that is certain not to squeeze, these cotton boxers are breathable, healthy for vaginas, and incredibly soft.

Best of all, they are available in a sort of colors and cuts to make sure you discover a pair perfect for you.

11. Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs

These boxers are sustainably sourced and are made first and foremost from bamboo viscose. So you’ll sport these comfortable and super stylish boxers guilt-free! These seam-free boxers have full coverage and a soft wide-ribbed waistband.

They gently make it bigger to hold close your curves and keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. The signature bamboo viscose cloth is cooling, breathable, and great if you’ve got sensitive skin.


1. Sustainably sourced

2. Seam-free boxers


1. Sizes run small

12. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Boxer’s

These hard work, cool, and super comfortable boy shorts are perfect for curvier women. They have a full elastic waist and a four-and-a-half-inch inseam for maximum soothe.

These hollow-out boxers help provide a lift to your buttocks, truly showing off all those curves. With these boxes, you won’t need to worry about any wedgies either.


1. Full elastic waist

2. Scoop up design


1. Has a center inseam

13. Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boxer Briefs

Completed from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, these briefs are super flexible and comfortable and can be damaged when working out at home.

The fit is quite comfortable and will put off them from riding up your thigh. The material is frivolous and breathable and will keep you cool during the hot summer months.


1. Super stretchy material

2. Lightweight and breathable


1. Not seamless boxer briefs

An Underwear Dictionary

Not only did I major in costuming in my undergrad years, but I spent seven years working for a corporation that made lingerie.

Between classes where I had to memorize plenty of names of historical garments then working during a professional manufacturing setting, my combat underwear comes with words that mean certain things.

I’m getting to share a number of those words and interpretations with you here because you’ll better understand what I’m talking about later. Your personal experience and vocabulary may vary.


This is a triangle of fabric in front, full coverage in the rear, and fastens across the hips with thinner straps.


A period-style of underwear that is movable cotton, hysterics up to the natural waist and goes down to or just below the knee. Slightly puffy-cut legs and sometimes finished with a gathered knee and a ruffle.


These over and over again put up with the nickname “granny pants” these days, as they refer to underwear that rises to the waistline and covers the entire rear and hips. Mostly white.


The male style of underwear that is like a couple of shorts. These wont to be just simple white or plaid and baggy but modern variants tend to require their styling from sportswear and sometimes some in knits now.


This refers to women’s underwear that has a very high-cut leg opening, offering a very narrow front and leaving the entire thigh crease open.


When I worked for a women’s wear company, this meant our tiniest panties which were a small triangle of fabric in the front, and about 1/4″ elastic used to make side and backstraps. Almost no coverage.


Additional of an underwear cover than underwear itself, these are frequently disheveled and worn by square dancers and other performers to hide their actual underwear but meant to be seen under skirts when twirling.

Thong – If you hear me talk about flip-flops, I am speaking of small outline underwear that is most often entirely crafted from fabric but also entirely edged in elastic for the snuggest fit.

The backstraps on these tend to be the 1″ width mandated within the states of Texas and Florida as needed for “dancers.”

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best boxer briefs for women, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right fit, comfort, and style. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

Material and Fabric: Look for boxer briefs made from soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials. Common fabric options include cotton, modal, microfiber, and blends. Consider your preferences for comfort and any potential sensitivities.

Fit and Sizing: Pay attention to the sizing chart provided by the brand. Boxer briefs should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. If you’re unsure about your size, consider going for a size up for a more relaxed fit.

Waistband: A comfortable and stretchy waistband is important to prevent digging in or discomfort. Look for boxer briefs with a wide waistband that stays in place without causing irritation.

Leg Length: The leg length can vary from brand to brand. Choose a length that provides the coverage you prefer while also ensuring ease of movement.

Seams and Construction: Flat seams or seamless construction can prevent chafing and irritation, especially during physical activity. Check the product description to see if the boxer briefs offer this feature.

Support and Comfort: Consider the level of support and comfort the boxer briefs offer. Some may have added features like a contoured pouch for extra support and coverage.

Design and Style: Boxer briefs come in various designs, patterns, and colors. Choose a style that aligns with your personal preferences and wardrobe.

Brand Reputation: Opt for brands known for their quality and comfort. Reading customer reviews can give you insights into the actual performance of the boxer briefs.

Multipack Options: Some brands offer multipacks of boxer briefs, which can be more cost-effective. This is especially useful if you find a style that you love.

Budget: Set a budget that you’re comfortable with. While premium options might offer certain features, there are also affordable boxer briefs that provide excellent comfort.

Return Policy: Check the return policy of the brand or retailer in case the boxer briefs don’t fit as expected or meet your comfort standards.

Try a Variety: Since individual preferences can vary, consider trying a few different brands and styles to find the one that suits you best.

Care Instructions: Make sure to follow the care instructions to maintain the quality and longevity of your boxer briefs.

Remember that the “best” boxer briefs can vary based on personal preferences, body type, and intended use. It’s a good idea to try a couple of different options to find the ones that provide the most comfort and satisfaction for you.


Q. Are boxer briefs good for women?

A. Here’s the deal, there are women who love to wear boxer briefs. Until now, they’ve had to wear men’s. Not anymore. Boxer briefs don’t demonstrate panty lines, they’re great for sleeping, athletic endeavors, and they even prevent chafing under skirts, if you’re so inclined.

Q. Who is the best female boxer ever?

A. Christy Martin is famously known as the “Coal Miners daughter”. She is considered one of the simplest of games as she was the primary female within the history of boxing to be inducted into the hall of fame.

Q. Can you wear boxers with skinny jeans?

A. Yeah, traditional boxers and thin jeans don’t make an honest combination. There’s no put for all that movable fabric when you wear boxers and slim or skinny style pants and jeans. Yeah, traditional boxers and thin jeans don’t make an honest combination.

Q. How much does a girl boxer make?

A. How much do female pro boxers make? Female Boxers can earn anywhere between $200-400 dollars per match at a lower level. The money can raise counting on their weight class, sponsors, and fighting records. The Median is $51,370 for professionals annually.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best women’s boxers on hand in the market. They are at ease, soft, and tough. They are easy to be in motion in the region of in and are perfect to slumber in during the hot summer months. Rest guaranteed that once you try any of these boxers, they jump to become a clothes fastener of yours.

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