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The Best Heelys Shoes in 2023 (Review & Guideline)

Hey! Shoe lovers in the world. Are you searching the Best Heelys Shoes for you, which is also recognized as Heelys, is in point of fact a brand of roller shoes. These shoes have one or more removable wheels inserted in the sole. This is quite similar to in sequence skates.

A person who wore this type of shoes can saunter, run or roll using the wheels. You can halt by lowering the back of your foot until the sole reaches the earth.

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Fashion, nowadays, has disappeared to a whole dissimilar level. More and more people are in receipt of the kind of footwear that makes them stand out from the rest.

One of the new trends you might have recently noticed is people wearing shoes with wheels. You might have seen these people all over town, speeding from side to side the streets with the wind blowing in their locks.

Stay in intelligence these shoes are not precisely rollerblades. In fact, they have wheels emotionally concerned to the on top of, which helps the people wearing them move effortlessly around without a be anxious in the world.

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What is Heelys Shoes

Heelys are a type of footwear that combine shoes with removable or retractable wheels in the heel. This unique design allows wearers to switch between walking and skating by shifting their weight to the back of the shoe and rolling on the wheels. Heelys were originally invented by Roger Adams in 2000 and gained popularity as a trendy and fun way to get around. They became particularly popular among children and teenagers.

Heelys come in various styles, from sneakers to more casual shoe designs. They typically have one or two wheels embedded in the heel, which can be removed or inserted depending on whether the wearer wants to use them for skating or walking. While they offer a novel and entertaining way of getting around, they also come with safety considerations, as users need to learn how to balance and control their movements on the wheels to avoid accidents.

The Best Heelys Shoes in 2024

We have some tips on how to get started – Before you learn to Heely, make sure that you are in safe surroundings and have the necessary defensive equipment. If you begin to feel off-balance at the same time as learning, remember to switch your weight to your toes rather than your heels.

This should help to stop you from lessening! We recommend learning with a lover – it’s much easier to find out with someone to carry onto and walk beside you!

To Inaugurate

1. Place your feet in a line, one in front of the other

2. Move your weight onto your heels, raising your toes slightly. You should now be balancing on the wheels. Remember, if you feel off-balance, put your weight onto your toes to stabilize yourself again!

3. Practice this position with your weight on your heels until you are comfortable holding it

4. Get a friend to pull you along in this position, or if necessary, use a ledge or rail to pull yourself along and stay balanced

To Gain Momentum, Follow the Step, Plant, Kick Actions

1. First, take a step forward with the foot which is at the rear when you are Heeling

2. Place your leading foot in front of this, planting your heel to the ground with your toes pointing upwards

3. Kick off with your foot behind and place it back on the ground, heel first

4. Balance and glide!

Heelies Roller Shoes for Girls

1. Heelys High Tail Skate Shoe

2. Heelys Kids’ Twister X2 Sneaker

3. Heelys Kids’ Split Sneaker

4. Heelys Kids’ Launch Sneaker

5. Heelys Dual Up X2 PU Sneaker

6. Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe

Things to Consider When Buying Best Heelys Shoes with Wheels

When you go out to buy these shoes, you will see an abundance of brands offering them. Choosing the best one out of the assortment can be a little difficult if you do not know what you are looking for.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when selecting the best two of a kind of shoes with wheels.


The most important feature of these shoes is absolutely the wheels, which come in different shapes, sizes, and characters.

All of the brands use wheels made with high-density polyurethane. This strong and rough plastic is abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, tear-resistant and it can easily endure a host of dangerous conditions.

Polyurethane is that the best material since it lasts long and therefore the wheels don’t lose their shape.

One of the advantages of buying a Heelys pair is that you can easily do away with the shoe wheels if you do not want to use them. Fitting them back in is very easy because of the custom-designed plug-up in these shoes.

Shoes with wheels more often than not have just one wheel located at the back of the heel. There are also many models with two wheels for people who have a difficult time maintaining their balance.

For those people, it is a good idea to start with a pair that has two wheels and more rapidly or later work their way up to the original single-wheeled design.

One-wheeled shoes are improved than their dual-wheel counterparts because they allow the wearer to turn easily and speed up as much as they want to make the most of the experience.

Safety Features

If you are in receipt of a pair for your child, the very thought of your child zooming around in these shoes might give you a bit of a scare.

Safety is naturally going to be a primary concern for you, even if you are an adult in receipt of Heelys for yourself. Heelys actually recommends that you use safety gear while exhausting these shoes.

There are safety and defensive procedures within the shoes, and this is partly the reason why we prefer Heelys shoes with wheels.

A lot of apprehensions have bounded Heelys because of the potential danger factor. People claim that Heelys are the only source of their children’s injuries!

This cannot be refuted completely because it is a shoe with a wheel inside of it! The thing you’ve got to recollect is, though, that you simply are buying your child something that’s made for fun!

People can blame bikes and roller blades all they want for injuring their child, but these instruments always have a little bit of risk revolving around them.

Children fall down all the time! It is a known incontrovertible fact that learning to ride a motorcycle comes with a couple of crashes and bruises because they’re not won’t to it yet. No one freaks out when that happens, and it’s an equivalent principle with Heelys.

Buy Your Son and Daughter

If you’re buying your son or daughter Heelys then you’re assuming some risk that goes alongside that sort of play equipment. The shoe is what it is because it has wheels on the heel of the shoe! Being on a wheel in any capacity has its risks.

So, Heelys themselves aren’t a dangerous shoe, but there’s no guarantee that your child won’t hit a rock or step too fast and injure themselves.

It’s always possible to slide on the wheel and land backward, injuring their head, elbows, or backs, but that’s the danger-crazy all-moving sporting equipment!

Some precautions you can take are requiring the use of a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and long pants, and a shirt while they’re rolling around.

A lot of youngsters won’t be too keen to require these precautions, but it’s an honest step if you’re worried about the security of your child.


Making sure that your foot stays firm within the shoe is fundamental. Most shoes with wheels come with standard lace-up enclosures, which can help your child adjust the appropriate shoes, based on their preference.

The laces need to be stretched enough so that their feet do not slip out, but not so tight that they cannot move their feet within these shoes.

Some models feature Velcro straps that can be particularly suitable for children who do not know how to properly tie their shoes. Other models offer both Velcro straps and lace-ups so that you get a safe and sound fit.


The hold that the outer soles of these shoe offer are also an important feature. It helps maintain control while using these shoes. A good hold in the outer sole will allow your child to hit the brakes properly whenever they need to. Sneakers with wheels that have physically powerful walk designs give the wearer proper hold to use for braking.


Just like the other sort of footwear, shoes with wheels are available in a spread of styles and materials. The adaptability in options is excellent since you can choose a model made from a material that is best for you.

Here are a number of the foremost common materials used for manufacturing shoes with wheels:


Some models that we have mentioned in the list of reviews use networks for the inside layer. This is an excellent material for all kinds of footwear and serves the wearer well.

The material is perforated and allows for more than enough amount of atmosphere to flow through the shoes.

It also helps keep the moisture within the wearer’s feet to a minimum and allows them to wear the shoes for a long time without painful perspiration.


Several synthetic materials are used to make the upper segment of these shoes. In fact, most of the models have artificial materials for the upper.

Some artificial materials can cause more sweating but can endure the wear and scratch of daily use quite well. Synthetic is also more affordable than other materials.


You are not likely to find many shoes with wheels complete using leather. Leather is absolutely one of the most durable materials, but it is expensive.

It is powerful and able to become accustomed to the shape of the foot much better than most materials used to make these shoes.


This is maybe the most frequently used material to make shoes with wheels. This is a fabric material, which is lightweight, hard-wearing, and allows the wearer to move their feet without any obstruction.

The material does not retain heat and it is also breathable, making it an excellent choice for the heater summer months.


The majority, if not all, of the shoes with wheels are designed as sneakers because that is the most sought-after design. Sneakers are versatile shoes and may go well with a spread of various outfits worn by children and young adults.

Depending on the gender of the kid, they will choose between different styles.

You will find sneakers with high trimmings and those with low tops. Low tops offer better comfort and mobility, while high tops provide a more safe and sound fit around the ankles and decrease the risk of injuries to the ankles.


The perception of shoes with wheels is still pretty new and Heelys is currently the top brand for a reason.

The company is the innovative manufacturer of these shoes, and they have had more time to develop their designs and improve with every model. Right now, it’s best to think about the first Heelys brand over other designers.


The construction of shoes with wheels may be a little different from the planning and making of normal shoes.

After all, that makes intelligence since these shoes also have to take into account an area where the PU wheels will fit in, right? Shoes with wheels are known for offering wearers more comfort than typical shoes.

The soles of those shoes are thicker to form sure that the wearer doesn’t feel the wheels while walking or riding. This means added comfort for the rider for an extended time.

Heelys features extra stuffing and cushioning on all sides of these shoes to provide more defense to the wearer in case they fall. The extra cushioning also ensures more constancy for the wearer.

How Does the Sizing Work?

Since Heelys is that the original manufacturer of those shoes, it’s best to travel with their recommendations when it involves the sizing of shoes with wheels.

The manufacturer recommends that you simply get a size bigger than your regular size since these shoes come abreast of the smaller side.

If you are getting them for children at a growing age, getting two sizes larger with extra inner soles would be perfect.

How to Pull off the Heely

Are you inquisitive about what it takes to pull off a Heely? Here may be a short and step-by-step breakdown of the way to do a Heely:

1. Start on a smooth and flat surface with your feet shoulder-width apart

2. Take a step forward and push with the back of your bottom. Lift up the toes on the front foot in order that only the wheel is in touch with the bottom

3. Following the front foot, but the toes of the back foot up so the wheel is in contact with the ground. At now, you ought to end up gliding on the ground with the 2 wheels

4. To stop the Heely, pull the toes up further so the heel makes contact with the ground and provides the brake you need to stop.

Does Heelies Actually Work?

It was Roger Adams who started it all. He placed wheels on the heels of the shoes. However, his invention may have gone in two alternative ways.

If consumers tried them out and unpopular them then it would have been a massive collapse.

On the other hand, the confirmation that they actually work is quite palpable every time you see a kid cruising on a pair of heelies as if he was floating.

It really looks pleasing to the eye every time you see it in action, however, keep in mind that it requires a lot of practice more than ever if you have never worn it before.

A few years back, people are getting keyed up over them. Now, heelies are hype since it’s much an equivalent to skating. It also got viral whenever you see a user wearing them, it causes you to want to undertake it too. This is why it’s a success.

Heelies come in an assortment of styles with distinct features. For instance, some have just one wheel while others have two wheels. If you favor those with advanced features and designs then you’ll need to pay more for it.

A typical style that comes with quality features may cost between $50 to $60 which is more costly than having a quality pair of shoes. Nonetheless, this is less expensive than having a pair of rollerblades.

How Much Do Heelys Cost?

Because of their popularity, durability, and wheel interchanging function, Heelys are going to be pricier than your kid’s every day sneakers.

The wheels themselves will amp up the worth and you actually get your money’s worth if your kid is happy to use them!

The price for Heelys depends on the vendor and therefore the size of the shoes. On Amazon, for instance, the larger the shoe size, the upper the cost! With 7-year-olds that have pretty small feet, the worth will stay relatively low.

Amazon will have it from $30-$50 on a Size 13 US Kid Heelys depending on which style you pick.

For the 7-year-old age bracket, I might say that the worth of Heelys hovers around $40-$60 universally counting on where you go and what style you purchase. This information was found from Famous Footwear.

One advantage of buying your child’s Heelys from a Famous Footwear or other brick and mortar location is that the accessibility to discounts.

As I write this post, Famous Footwear is offering 30% off of Heelys purchases for your child.

Amazon could seem just like the cheaper option right off the bat, but other places could also be ready to offer you a competitive discount if you’re willing to try to do touch research.

Where to Buy Best Heelys Shoes

When choosing where to shop for your Heelys, it depends on cost and availability. Places like Famous Footwear, Zappos, and Amazon have ready supplies of the many different sorts of Heelys.

Within the locations, there are two different main styles to consider: sneaker and Skate shoes. One seems like ordinary sneakers whereas the opposite resembles Vans or other casual footwear that’s trendy.

The most popular choice for Heelys on Amazon include:

Heelys Launch Skate Shoe from Amazon

Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe from Amazon

Heelys Kids’ Dual up X2 Sneaker from Amazon


Q. Do Heelys run big or small?

A. Heelys are known to run small if they’re not faithful to the dimensions they claim, so confirm you’re getting the proper size for your child! Heelys don’t sell half sizes, so it’s important to urge the dimensions bigger in order that their feet will fit!

Q. Are Heelys better with one wheel or two?

A. The more popular option is a one-wheel for your Heely. This option is typically better for teenagers with good balance and allows them to show and move quicker and more effectively.

Q. Why did they stop making Heelys?

A. Many malls and schools have banned Heelys, thanks to safety concerns. He observes that, because Heelys are often sold in shoe stores, many parents assume they’re as safe as sneakers. But one wrong move on a slick tile surface, such as those in schools and malls, can result in injuries.

Q. Are Heelys better with 1 or 2 wheels?

A. Two-wheeled Heelys are better suited to first-time users and beginners as they provide more stability when riding.

However, if you improve your skills and balance over time just easily pop one among the wheels out and you’ll turn easier and go faster with just the single wheel.

Q. Are Heelys good shoes?

A. In addition to putting kids at risk for injuries, studies suggest that walking in Heelys with the wheel (but not skating) can affect how your kids walk. The shoes cause “increased forefoot and rearfoot pressure” and “a diminished heel strike and a more rapid forefoot loading.”

Final Thoughts

I expect you find that perfect couple of roller shoes. Whether they are for you or your child, I know you will have an explosion zooming the length of. These shoes are really amusing. They are also a great admission into roller skating, which is an added bonus to me.

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