The Best UGG Slippers in 2023 (Review & Rated)

Are you searching UGG Slippers? The best UGG slippers for you. For lounging approximately the house or working from home, you can’t go wide of the mark with two a kind of Ugg slippers.

These cozy kicks bring the warmness and iconic sheepskin look of the Ugg boot to slippers. Just like the brand’s other footwear, Ugg slippers are complete from premium materials for a better-quality slipper.

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There are nearly 20 different styles of Ugg slippers and an overabundance of colors to choose from. We can help you contracted down your choices in this buying guide, which includes our favorites at the end, like the comfortable and stylish UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin.

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The Best UGG Slippers in 2023

1. Ugg Ansley Slippers

Growing up, I had a pair of UGG Tasman slippers. I loved them so much I wore them until the inner sole was matted, and the embroidered trim was unraveling. I was sad to see them go, but all the more excited to try the Ansley another bestselling pair.

2. Ugg Coquette Slippers

The first pair of Ugg slippers I owned was a driver style, and they quickly found themselves collecting powder because of the too-snug fit that Amir mentioned higher than.

I’d actually been meaning to replace them with one of UGG slide-on pairs for years but never got around to it. Once I put on the Coquette for the first time, I realized I’d made a huge mistake in not doing it more rapidly.

3. Ugg Tasman Slippers

The UGG Ascot is a stylish driving shoe-style slipper that’s made from indisputable sheepskin with a shearing inside layer on the full interior of the shoe.

As the first pair of UGGs I’ve owned, I was very pleased with the quality of the material, but they were unfortunately too small.

I ordered my true size and found them to be insufferably tight. It’s worth noting that any shoe with a shearing lining will loosen up slightly with wear, but I along with many other reviewers on Zappos found the true size to be too small. I’d recommend going up a full size.

4. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers

Like all Uggs, these are made with soft sheepskin. In fact, the sheepskin covers the entire shoe, save for the elastic back and sturdy rubber platform sole.

That expandable back is actually attractive handy for folks who like an open-back slipper but find they lose their balance off. And the open toe and backless silhouette ensure your feet don’t swelter even with all that sheepskin.

5. Best Versatile: Parachute Classic Slippers at Parachute

A common complaint with some slippers is that the interior lining is too hot for the warmer months. Suede, faux fur, and shearing can cause feet to perspire, which can be uncomfortable when you’re wearing them for long periods of time.

For a more versatile pair of slippers, we recommend Parachute’s Classic Slippers, which are made from 100 percent cotton terry. Cotton is known for being more breathable than other materials but it’s still able to insulate.

Parachute’s slippers are available in two colors (white and stone) and five different sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. Another great feature? You can throw them in the washing machine to freshen them up. Just be sure to let them air-dry afterward.

6. Best Monogrammed: Etsy Personalized Bridal Slipper

Who doesn’t love something that’s personalized? Though these slippers are great for a bridal party, you can absolutely customize them with your text of choice on the left and right foot. The words are written in a fun glitter that stands out against the fluffy material.

These slippers feature plush faux fur and a sponge-like bottom your feet will sink right into. Also, the criss-cross design truly makes them stand out. There are more than six colors to choose from, including red, black, and leopard, so there’s truly something for every style taste.

7. Best Booties: L.L. Bean Women’s Cozy Slipper Booties, Pile Fleece

Sometimes you just want a slipper that provides more coverage and that’s what this option from L.L. Bean is. The bootie hits right at the ankle for added warmth.

With a fleece lining, these are the slippers you’ll want to slip into on a cold night. And slipping into them is quite easy thanks to the elastic band.

This is also a slipper you’ll get tons of wear out of and can bank on the pair holding up. The sole is slip-resistant and provides tons of traction and the midsole is a water-resistant suede.

8. Best Slipper Socks: World’s Softest Cozy Slippers

Sometimes, an actual slipper might feel too cumbersome on your feet at home—that’s when a slipper sock might be a smart option for you.

This pair has glowing reviews from people who love their versatility and ability to travel well as they’re small enough to stash in an overnight bag. You could even leave a pair for houseguests to help them feel at home during their stay.

These slippers improve on socks with a foam lining on the bottom that’s thin, but comfortable. Since they don’t have a rubber sole, reviewers note that they can wear out over time, especially if you wear them outside. 

9. Best with Shearling: UGG Women’s Coquette Slipper

If you’re looking for major warmth in a slipper, a shearing pair is an obvious choice. This suede pair is lined with shearling and features an updated, cork-infused rubber outsole that provides durability and allows you to wear them both inside and outside.

They’re so warm you can wear them without socks in the cold and still have cozy feet, but not so hot that they’ll make your feet sweat.

Customers have raved about the comfort, with some describing them as pillows for your feet. They do run small, especially since there’s a thick lining, so you might want to go up a size.

Some customers have warned that there’s not a lot of arch support, but the overall consensus is that they’re very comfortable, especially for lounging around the house.

What to Look for in a Pair of Slippers

Material. Opt for natural materials over synthetics. Polyester and other synthetic materials aren’t as breathable and can cause your feet to sweat.

Soles. For a more all-purpose shoe, consider rubber or cork soles. Rubber is durable, waterproof, and provides good traction. Cork has the same benefits as rubber but is also naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking.

Backs vs. no-backs. Though backless slippers are no doubt easier to put on, you might have trouble keeping them on your feet if you’re doing much more than going from the bedroom to the bathroom. If you’re up and about a lot, consider slippers with backs instead.

Considerations When Choosing UGG Slippers for Women


Moccasin: This popular cut is modeled after traditional Native American footwear. A suede panel covers the instep, which may be decorated with laces or left plain.

The low suede upper is easy to slip into or out of. Sheepskin wool lining adds warmth and comfort inside the slipper and peeks out over the edges. Because of their rubber outsoles, these slippers can also be worn outside.

Backless: Backless slippers are built like slides, but with a closed toe. These are the easiest slippers to slip into and out of but not the warmest of styles because they leave the back of your ankle exposed.

That being said, many have thick wool collars in a foldover design, and all are lined inside with Ugg’s cozy signature lining. Some models also feature a one-inch heel counter in the back for a clog-like cut that’s not entirely backless.

Fuzzy: For a more youthful, fun look, Ugg offers entirely fuzzy slippers of fluffy sheepskin wool.

These are cut like slides or thongs and have an open toe. Some offer an elastic ankle strap to keep your foot secured in the slipper.

The fluff comes in a wide variety of colors, from basic tan to hot pink or neon green. Fuzzy slippers aren’t meant for outdoor use they’re not as warm as other styles but some trendsetters leave the house in them anyway.


Like most slippers, Ugg slippers only come in whole sizes. They also don’t come in wide widths, but their cozy interiors are hard work enough for wider foot widths.

If you wear a half size, either size up or down, depending on the width of your foot and whether you plan on wearing socks with your Uggs.


The Ugg brand is known for its quality materials as well as its ethical sourcing of its leather, suede, sheepskin, and UGG pure coat. Only their knit styles incorporate synthetic materials, so if you’re vegan, this is not the brand for you.

Because Ugg generally doesn’t use synthetic fabrics, their slippers are more durable and last longer than synthetic ones.


Indoor/outdoor. While slippers are designed for indoor use, sometimes you need to dash outside to take out the dog or bring in the mail. If this is your goal, look for an Ugg style that includes a rubber outsole that can be worn outdoors.

These soles also offer Treadlite traction, which offers a no-slip grip if you have hard floors.


The classic colors for Ugg suede slippers are chestnut, sand, espresso, or black. However, some styles, especially their fuzzy slippers, may offer up to 12 color choices.

UGG Slipper Prices

UGG slippers for ladies’ homes in price from $80 to $120, which is usually driven by style.

Inexpensive: Simple fuzzy styles and backless slippers for women cost between $80 and $90.

Mid-range: More detailed designs of these slippers cost closer to $100.

Expensive: Moccasin slipper styles tend to be the foremost expensive choice at around the $120 price point for many.


Keep away from wearing UGG slippers when cooking. Kitchen mishaps are inevitable, especially when it involves occasional spills.

Even if you’ve treated your UGG slippers with stain- and water-repellent spray, they will still sustain damage from oils, liquids, and other pigmented foods.

Hide your slippers from Fido. If your four-legged friend may be a big fan of hiding shoes, you would possibly want to stay your UGG slippers within the closet when you’re not wearing them.

Wipe down the rubber outsoles. Even though you’re wearing UGG slippers mostly indoors, they will still devour dust or hair. Wipe down the rubber soles with a humid cloth weekly to get rid of any built-up gunk or particles.

To prevent dirt from being tracked into your home, resist the urge to wear your UGG slippers outside. While it’s tempting to tread on the porch or head down the driveway to urge the mail, your short trip can bring many debris homes.

How to Clean Slippers

When testing slippers, we took the convenience of cleaning each pair into consideration. When cleaning slippers, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, while a really select few of the slippers were mechanically cleanable, some slippers had no care instructions in the least. This generally means the item shouldn’t be cleaned during a washer neither is it recommended to hand wash them.

A few of the opposite slippers were spot clean only, which suggests to only clean the world with the stain thereon. If you would like to identify clean your slippers, you’ll use a suede and leather cleaning kit or a lightly damp rag to identify clean.

It’s best to check a really small area on the slipper during a place that’s not highly visible just in case it stains. If after doing a test spot and letting it dry, you’re proud of the result you’ll plow ahead and spot clean the stained area.

Spot cleaning could also be an option when there are not any cleaning instructions but you’ll need to take care, especially with genuine shearing, suede, and leather, as these can get stained very easily.

If you discover yourself during this situation you’ll want to require them to a knowledgeable cleaner to ascertain if they will remove the stain safely or do a small spot clean test.

(FAQs) About Best UGG Slippers

Q. Should you take inventory in UGG slippers?

A. UGGs are usually in shape trustworthy length. Over time the interior with start to flatten and mound on your foot making them a bit roomier.

So you’re clean UGGs got to be tight to the foot to account for this. the handiest way to take a look at your length is to stay them!

Q. Why are UGG slippers so high priced?

A. Aussie UGG boot producer Stockman’s Sheepskin Factory says on Facebook that their merchandise is high priced thanks to the very fact their double-faced leathers undergo a human-hard work in-depth tanning procedure earlier than the hides are capable of being dig panels.

Q. Can you put on UGG slippers in public?

A. They’re indoor footwear while very just like they may be outside footwear.

I’m quite certain they all completely supposed on making this UGG slides their indoor footwear earlier than setting on a real outfit and figuring out that they’re sincerely lovely sufficient to put on the name in public. Even Lady Gaga owns a pair.

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