Brooks Glycerin 17 Review

The Brooks Glycerin 17 Review (Check Better of 2024)

I know every woman like glycerin, the Brooks Glycerin 17 Review is that the flagship cushioned neutral shoe from Brooks. Not much changed from last year’s Glycerin 16 to the new 17.

Brooks added a replacement OrthoLite sock liner and therefore the upper not have the midfoot overlay. That’s it. So if you liked the 16, you’re likely to love the 17.

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is the greatest pillow trainer for any middle-of-the-road runner. The appropriate and pillow is great, and this could be a great lengthy or long-run shoe for anyone.

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A pass with flying colors, moderated trainers become more and more popular and required after, there are some options that differentiate themselves above the rest.

However, Brooks didn’t appear to take that way with the Glycerin 17s, as it textures like the same shoe with a to some extent different appearance.

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About Brooks Glycerin 17

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is a running shoe model produced by the American sports footwear company, Brooks. Here are some key features and details about the Brooks Glycerin 17:

Cushioning: The Glycerin series is known for its high level of cushioning, making it suitable for long-distance running and providing a plush, comfortable ride. The Glycerin 17 is no exception and is designed to offer excellent cushioning to protect your feet during runs.

Midsole Material: The Glycerin 17 features Brooks’ DNA Loft cushioning technology in the midsole. This technology is known for providing a soft and responsive feel underfoot, which can help absorb shock and reduce the impact on your joints during runs.

Upper Material: The upper of the Glycerin 17 is constructed with a breathable and flexible mesh material. It is designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit while allowing for good airflow to keep your feet cool.

Supportive Fit: Brooks has incorporated a 3D Fit Print technology into the shoe’s design to create a more secure and customized fit. This technology helps reduce the risk of friction and discomfort during your runs.

Outsole: The outsole of the Glycerin 17 is made of durable rubber, which offers good traction and helps to enhance the shoe’s overall longevity.

Weight: The Glycerin 17 is typically considered a lightweight and neutral running shoe, making it suitable for a wide range of runners, including those with a neutral gait.

Drop: The shoe features a heel-to-toe drop, which refers to the height difference between the heel and forefoot. The exact drop measurement may vary, but the Glycerin series tends to have a moderate drop, which is suitable for many runners.

It’s important to note that as newer versions of the Brooks Glycerin series are released, there may be improvements and changes in design and technology.

The 7 Best Brooks Glycerin 17 Review for 2024

The Brooks Glycerin series is known for its comfortable and cushioned running shoes. Since shoe models change over time, it’s important to note that newer versions may have been released since then.

When searching for the “best” Brooks Glycerin model, it’s essential to consider your specific running needs and preferences, including factors like cushioning level, arch support, and running style. Here are seven highly regarded Brooks Glycerin models up to my last update:

1. Brooks Glycerin 19

If available, the Glycerin 19 would be the latest in the series, featuring enhanced cushioning and comfort compared to its predecessors.

2. Brooks Glycerin 18

The Glycerin 18 offers plush cushioning and a comfortable fit, making it suitable for long-distance runners.

3. Brooks Glycerin 17

This model, as previously mentioned, is known for its cushioning and support, making it a favorite among neutral runners.

4. Brooks Glycerin 16

The Glycerin 16 provides excellent cushioning and a secure fit, ideal for those seeking a responsive and comfortable running experience.

5. Brooks Glycerin 15

The Glycerin 15 is known for its adaptive cushioning and smooth ride, making it a solid choice for runners looking for comfort and support.

6. Brooks Glycerin 14

This model combines plush cushioning with a snug fit, catering to the needs of neutral runners.

7. Brooks Glycerin 13

While older, the Glycerin 13 still offers a comfortable and cushioned ride, which may be available at a lower price point compared to newer models.

To determine which Brooks Glycerin model is the best fit for you, I recommend visiting a specialized running store, consulting with a knowledgeable salesperson, and trying on different models to find the one that provides the best fit, comfort, and support for your specific running needs.

What You Will Love of Brooks Glycerin 17

You’re getting to love how silky smooth the Brooks Glycerin 17 feels from the instant you slip them on. They deliver a ridiculously soft, velvety ride that pushes you thru your toughest training even as easily as your slower-paced recovery days.

Offered in four accommodating color choices for men and ladies, they need a sleek, streamlined style that creates them an ideal choice for everything from 24/7 wear to leisurely runs to training runs.

Who They Are For

Designed for neutral runners who are big, big, BIG fans of comfort, the full-length DNA LOFT cushioning in these shoes makes every step feel pillow-soft.

Truth be told, I find myself choosing these when I’m itching for a simple, relaxing run, an extended day of urban sightseeing, or unintentionally long walks as my toddler naps in her stroller.

They don’t mind how slow I go. And I certainly don’t mind how comfortable they still feel, mile after mile. For those that want to up the pace, the Glycerin 17 is quite ready and willing. It’s surprisingly light for the cushion it’s packing.

Why You Want ‘EM

Obviously, you’re getting to reach for the Glycerin 17 because they’re soft and super comfy. But you’ll likely also enjoy:

-A breathable engineered mesh upper that’s the right combo of structure and adaptability

-A plush, stretchy, seamless bootie fit that surrounds your foot and expands together with your stride

-A smartly designed DNA LOFT transition zone that makes ultra-smooth heel-to-toe transitions

-Those IDEAL pressure zones deliver an easy ride by evenly dispersing impact far away from your body.

Pillow Level

Level 5 Ultra Plush, Luxurious Cushioning.

Colors: 4 spots on colors for Men & 4 styling’ choices for Women

Men: Black/Black, Black/Blue, Grey/Navy, Navy/Gold

Women: Black/Coral/Purple, Grey/Aqua, Purple/Navy/Grey, Wild Aster/Fig

WEIGHT: Men’s 10.6 Oz | Women’s 9.4 oz.

The Good

Based on step-in comfort alone, the Glycerin 17 was off to an honest start with me. The shoe fit well had some nice toe box room and hugged my foot good.

As someone with a good foot, this great feeling doesn’t come too often. The new OrthoLite sock liner combined with the double Jacquard mesh engineered upper is top-notch.

It provided enough structure to stay my foot in situ without sacrificing any flex or breathability. The shoe also features a luxuriously padded heel collar. If you don’t find the Glycerin 17 to be comfortable, then you almost certainly wear ironed dress pants to bum in.

The Bad

There has got to be how to bring down the load. I can’t help but think it might stand out such a lot more if it had been under 10oz. The flexibility of the outsole provides the power to hurry up, but why would I do speedwork during a shoe that weighs 11.4oz?!

Again, Brooks, come on with the available colors. Like I discussed in my Brooks Ravenna review, a number of us want quite just navy, black, or grey.

I could fiddle with the color scheme and make a cooler shoe in like 10 minutes. Try stepping outside of the box once or twice. Please!

The Ride Experience

Before we get into the minutiae of the Glycerin’s ride quality, let’s discuss the new insole first. For an extended time, the Glycerin used a smooth sock liner made from DNA foam – Brooks’s term for an EVA foam variant. The last year’s Glycerin 16 had it too.

The compression-molded insole worked in tandem with the Super DNA midsole for several years. Since both foams were made from an equivalent ingredient, the set-up made the ride smooth and consistent.

Even after the Glycerin switched to a DNA-Loft midsole last year, the insole continued to be an honest fit. Neither foam was ultra-soft, therefore the similar densities ended up working well together.

This year is different. Brooks opted for a softer, blown-foam Ortholite insole – the type commonly found in New Balance shoes. As a result, the ride has softened slightly than the Glycerin 16, but only near the highest.

Running shoe softness is often skin deep, after all. We’ve seen that play out on the New Balance 980 Fresh Foam only too well.

Upper Fit Quality

All these years, the plush fit and feel of the Glycerin were a given. Even less costly Brooks shoes use premium materials in comparison to competing brands, therefore Glycerin always received the VIP treatment.

The upper goodness hasn’t changed on the Glycerin 17 – but let’s park that aside for a flash and examine the insides.

An important update that occurred on the Glycerin 16 was the introduction of a full inner sleeve. Editions preceding the G-16 had only a gusset holding the tongue which meant that the forefoot and toe-box were relatively spacious and airy.

Plugging during a full sleeve led to reduced interior room and breathability on the 16. The same holds true for the 17. The upper looks spacious from the surface, but the inside fit doesn’t match the outside appearance.

The toe-box lacks vertical wriggle room and therefore the sizing feels crunched. If you would like foot space which is that the equivalent of the Glycerin 15, then it’s better to shop for a half-size larger.

Buying Guide

If you’re considering buying the Brooks Glycerin 17 or a similar running shoe, it’s essential to have a buying guide to ensure that you make the right choice based on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a buying guide to help you with your purchase:

Determine Your Running Style:

Are you a neutral runner, overpronator, or supinator? Knowing your running style will help you choose the right type of shoe. The Brooks Glycerin 17 is primarily designed for neutral runners.

Get a Proper Fit:

Visit a specialized running store where you can have your feet measured and get fitted properly. The fit is crucial for comfort and injury prevention.

Try on multiple sizes and widths to find the one that fits your feet best. Your feet might be slightly different sizes, so fit both accordingly.

Understand Cushioning Levels:

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is known for its cushioning. Consider whether you prefer a plush, well-cushioned shoe or one with a firmer ride.

Keep in mind that the level of cushioning may vary among different shoe models, even within the same series.

Check for Arch Support:

Assess your arch type (neutral, high, or low). The Glycerin 17 is designed for neutral arches, so if you have specific arch support needs, you might consider other Brooks models.

Consider Your Running Terrain:

Think about where you plan to run most often. The Brooks Glycerin 17 is suitable for road running, so if you need a shoe for trail running or other terrains, explore other models.

Read Reviews:

Look for reviews and feedback from runners who have worn the Brooks Glycerin 17. Reviews can provide valuable insights into comfort, durability, and performance.


Set a budget for your running shoes. While the Brooks Glycerin 17 is a premium shoe, it’s essential to consider your budget and explore any discounts or sales.

Consider Color and Style:

The Brooks Glycerin series often comes in various color options. Choose a color and style that you find appealing and matches your personal taste.

Check for Updates:

Since my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, check for any updated versions or newer models in the Brooks Glycerin series. There might be improvements or changes in design and technology.

Try Before You Buy:

If possible, try on the Brooks Glycerin 17 in-store or order from a retailer with a flexible return policy. This allows you to ensure the shoe feels comfortable and suits your running style.

Consult with Experts:

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from experienced runners or professionals at a specialty running store. They can provide valuable recommendations based on your individual needs.

Remember that finding the right running shoe is a personal process, and what works best for one person may not be the ideal choice for another. Take the time to research, try on different options, and prioritize comfort and fit when selecting your running shoes, whether it’s the Brooks Glycerin 17 or another model that meets your needs.


Q. Is Brooks Ghost or glycerin better?

A. The Brooks Ghost 13 may be a comfortable neutral daily trainer with stable and smooth ride transitions. Its strength is it’s plush upper which has been updated with Air Mesh for a good more breathable and cooler ride. The Brooks Glycerin may be a high cushion daily trainer that’s made for any neutral runner.

Q. What is the difference between Brooks Glycerin 17 and 18?

A. A big difference between the two shoes is the flex grooves carved into the outsole. The grooves on the Glycerin 17 created channels that ran horizontally across most of the forefoot. But the Glycerin 18 shortened the channels and reduced the amount of them from six to 5.

Q. What type of runner is the glycerin 17 intended for?

A. The Brooks Glycerin 17 may be a maximal cushion trainer for any neutral runner. The fit and cushion are great, and this might be an excellent marathon or long-run shoe for anyone.

Q. What’s the difference between Brooks Glycerin 16 and 17?

A. After a complete redesign for the Brooks Glycerin in its 16th version, the Glycerin 17 is mainly a color refresh with no design changes to the midsole or outsole. Brooks Glycerin 16 vs 17:

Overall, the 2 shoes are very similar. The upper has also been tweaked to supply a rather softer feel.

Q. How many miles do Brooks Glycerin last?

A. 500 miles. When used for its intended purpose, Brooks footwear features anticipation of 300 to 500 miles or three to 6 months.

Q. Are Brooks Ghost good for plantar fasciitis?

A. A great option to start with to help with plantar fasciitis relief is our Ghost model. The Ghost offers a 12mm drop from heel to toe which helps to place your weight more within the forefoot and far away from the plantar in your heel.

Q. What shoe is comparable to Brooks Glycerin?

A. If you’re looking for a highly similar alternative to the Brooks Glycerin with generous cushioning and springy takeoffs, consider the Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoe.

Q. Are Brooks Glycerin good for plantar fasciitis?

A. The Brooks Glycerin running shoe is good for managing plantar fasciitis. It has an OrthoLite sock liner that gives plush comfort. And the DNA LOFT cushioning of the rubber outsole provides comfort without losing durability. The cushioning also helps make every stride smooth and soft.

Final Thought

I like you, Glycerin 17. To quote Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, “I such as you tons .” I just wish there was something about you that made you stand out amongst the gang.

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is a slightly tweaked version of the 16 and it doesn’t have any unique technology or feature about it.

It also doesn’t look that cool which suggests your Instagram posts aren’t getting to get that Nike level of likes. So like what’s even the point of posting it?! *sigh* The first-world trials of running during a FOMO world.

If you’re trying to find one shoe which will do everything, this might fit the bill. If you’ve got a couple of within the rotation and searching for that easy day jog, again this might fit the bill. The Glycerin 17 is simply a solid shoe that shines as an extended run or recovery shoe.

I’ve got zero problems recommending the Glycerin 17 to someone, especially if you enjoyed the 16, but also don’t expect to be hit thereupon wow feature. You can grab it at Running Warehouse for $149.95 by using the shop link below.

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