How to Break in Dansko Shoes

Hey! Are you know the how to break in dansko shoes. The Dansko shoes were delivered to us from Denmark by a husband-and-wife team, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, quite 20 years ago.

The shoes are both highly durable and cozy, making them the darlings of the restaurant and hospital worlds.

The shoes are available in a spread of designs, but the hard leather clogs are considered the foremost popular. Many people who love the shoes admit there is a “breaking-in” period.

With a few simple tips, you can break your Dansko shoes in and be walking down the street in comfort.

The Dansko Clog Shoes

The Dansko clogs are trendy clogs with nurses and people in other professions. This professional shoe has a roomy and reinforced toe box, a padded collar.

A protective heel counter that allows your heel to move in any direction while still providing excellent stability freely, an inner frame for stability and support, and a contoured PU mid sole.

The anti-fatigue rocker bottom helps in your forward movement while walking and provides you with comfort and support throughout the day.

What Makes a Good Pair of Dansko Clogs?

Some clogs are very fashionable, but they supply you with minimal comfort and support, while others have very many benefits. If you would like to be comfortable and pain-free during your long shift, you want to get clogs that focus more on comfort than fashion.

Wearing the proper pair of shoes within the long-term can make an enormous difference in reducing the strain on your back, joint pains, and body aches. There are essential factors that make a top-quality pair of clogs.

Spray the shoe-stretching spray over the upper part of the Dansko shoe, being sure it gets completely wet. Insert the shoe stretchers into the Dansko shoes and wait a couple of hours until the stretching spray is totally dry.

Insert a bag crammed with water into the Dansko shoes and stick them within the freezer overnight if you are doing not have shoe stretchers. The water will freeze and expand, forcing the leather to stretch. Wear an extra-thick pair of socks until the Dansko shoes begin to melt.

Danskos Hurt the Top of My Foot: Solutions

If you’ve even bought a pair of Dansko clogs, you will realize that they hurt the top part of your feet, this is a common thing for most Dansko users.

This mostly happens if you’ve got high arches because albeit the shoe fits you perfectly, the throat may be a bit narrow. After all, the vamp is too low.

Some people prefer to break them in, which could work, but it can take you a couple of weeks, and even then, the shoes will still not feel comfortable to wear.

Wearing such shoes that cause foot pains will not only be very uncomfortable, it could also cause you permanent and long-term damage.

Tips: Reapply the stretching spray if the shoes do not begin to conform to your feet.

(FAQs) About How to Break in Dansko Shoes

Q. Do you have to break in Danskos?

A. This is a liquid that is designed as a leather conditioner to soften and stretch shoes that have a tight fit when you walk, and you don’t even have to go through the break-in process.

Q. How do I soften my Dansko clogs?

A. With the hairdryer method, put on your Danskos while wearing some thick socks. Then, apply heat with a hairdryer until the leather becomes to consider the touch.

Once the shoes have softened, wiggle your toes and walk around as they cool. After doing this two or 3 times, your Danskos should fit far better.

Q. Why do Danskos hurt my feet?

A. If you’ve purchased a pair of Dansko clogs and noticed that they hurt the top of your feet, you are not alone. Danskos hurt the highest of the feet of the many women with high arches because although the shoe actually fits, the throat is comparatively narrow thanks to the vamp being too low.

Q. Are Dansko clogs bad for your feet?

A. In fact, ‘I would rather wear heels than clogs,’ she says. ‘So many nurses wear Dansko clogs. Dr. Levine says that clogs do nothing to support arches, combat gravity, or support arches.

They feel comfortable because they allow the foot to spread out, but this can lead to plantar fascistic.

Q. Are you supposed to wear socks with Danskos?

A. Socks are meant to wear in closed shoes where the foot perspires and wishes a cotton fabric to soak up the sweat and stop it from permeating into the insole of the shoe.

In actuality, an honest pair of leather clogs will absorb the sweat eliminating the necessity to wear socks.

Final Thoughts on How to Break in Dansko Shoes

Wearing shoes that provide you with great comfort and support can make all the difference when you’re working long and exhausting shifts.

Danskos that hurt the top of your feet can make life unbearable, especially if you’re on your feet all day, and as a nurse working with so much discomfort and pain can cause severe damage to your feet within the end of the day.

Instead of trying to break them in for weeks without success, the best option is returning them and getting alternative shoes that have a comfortable fit.

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