How to Remove Clothing Security Tag

How to Remove Clothing Security Tag

Do you know the How to remove the clothing security tag. To do away with the reception, use a high-powered magnet, like a tough drive crowd-puller.

Place the crowd-puller on a flat façade and lay the ad on top of it with the ink dome or cartridge facing down. You should hear a click leasing you recognize the tag has deactivated. Twist the pins within the tag up and right down to discharge them.

It goes devoid of saying: you should never steal. However, if you’ve purchased an item and brought it home only to understand that the cashier forgot to get do away with the safety tag.

You’ll remove it from your clothes without taking a visit all the line of attack back to the shop. If you would like to understand the way to remove security tags from clothing employing a sort of method, just follow these easy steps.

Read on this text to find out the way to take away security tags from clothes with hands easily and quickly without damaging them by following these simple steps!

What Is a Security Tag?

An electronic security tag features a signal transmitter installed in it that’s made to become aware of shoplifters. They are often used on any quiet product.

A security tag is a device used to prevent theft or unauthorized removal of items from a store, library, or other secured environments. It’s commonly employed in retail settings to protect merchandise from being stolen. Security tags are usually attached to products and are designed to trigger an alarm if the tagged item passes through an electronic surveillance system installed at the exit of a store.

There are several types of security tags:

RFID Tags: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags use radio waves to communicate with a reader device. They are often used for inventory management, but some RFID tags can also be used for security purposes. When an RFID-tagged item passes through an RFID reader near the store’s exit, the reader can detect the tag’s presence and trigger an alarm if necessary.

Acousto-Magnetic (AM) Tags: AM tags use a technology that involves a combination of magnetic and acoustic signals. These tags are commonly used in clothing and other retail items. They work by creating a specific frequency response that triggers an alarm when passing through an AM-based detection system.

Magnetic Tags: Magnetic security tags contain a small metal strip that, when exposed to a magnetic field, disrupts the signal and sets off an alarm. These tags are often used in libraries to prevent theft of books.

Ink Tags: Ink tags are a variation of security tags that have a small vial of ink inside. If an attempt is made to forcibly remove the tag, the vial breaks and releases ink, permanently staining the item and making it unusable. This serves as a deterrent against theft.

Hard Tags and Soft Tags: Security tags come in two main forms – hard tags and soft tags.

Security tags are an important tool for retailers and other businesses to prevent theft, minimize losses, and maintain inventory accuracy. They work in tandem with security systems to provide a visible and audible deterrent against theft and unauthorized removal of items.

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands?

Try the below easy thanks to removing security tags from clothes without paying off and instantly at home!

1. Using a Flat Head Screwdriver

To remove the safety tag, put the flat-headed screwdriver along with the smart of the sharp piece, and twist to open it up. Now you’ll easily pull out the safety tag from the material.

2. Try the Lighter Method

If the above medicine doesn’t work, then do this security tag remover which will do the deception in no time. Take the lighter and melt the dome-like upper part of the tag.

Now cut out the melted piece with a knife or pliers. After scoop-in into the tag, you’ll see a spring and a few ball bearings that you simply need to pull bent remove the safety tag.

3. Use Plier

Start the technique by grabbing the safety tag, pointing the cone-like side up. Then, make a correct hang-on from the other sides of the safety tag with the assistance of two separate sets of pliers. Now, gently bend the tag applying a touch force.

This will slacken off the pin also because of the spring, making it pop off. While doing this system, don’t use an excessive amount of pressure, because the link under the tag will spill and ruin your cloth.

Before trying this method, put the material into the freezer to freeze the cartridge.

4. Two Forks Technique

Yeah! It sounds passionate, but the forks are enough to get rid of the safety tags. To do this, take two forks and insert them on either side of the tags. Now pull them within the other way to open it.

This is one of the primary effective tag removal remedies out there.


Here are some frequently asked questions about how to remove clothing security tags:

1. Can I remove a clothing security tag myself?

Yes, you can remove a clothing security tag yourself if you have purchased the item and have the receipt as proof of purchase. If you’re having trouble, you can visit the store where you bought the item and ask them to remove the tag for you.

2. What if I’ve lost the receipt?

If you’ve lost the receipt, it might be more challenging to prove ownership of the item. In this case, you should contact the store’s customer service and explain the situation. They might be able to help you find a solution.

3. How can I remove a security tag at home?

If you’re trying to remove a security tag at home, make sure you have a strong neodymium magnet or a pair of pliers. You can use the magnet to try and detach the locking mechanism, or the pliers to grip and twist the pin until it releases. Be cautious as this method might damage the item.

4. Are there any risks to removing the tag myself?

Yes, there are risks. Using improper tools or techniques can damage the clothing item or even injure you. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, it’s best to seek help from professionals.

5. What if I accidentally damage the item while removing the tag?

If you accidentally damage the item while attempting to remove the security tag, it might be difficult to return or exchange it. Always exercise caution when attempting to remove a security tag to avoid damaging the merchandise.

6. Can I take the item to a store to have the tag removed?

Yes, many stores are willing to help you remove a security tag from an item you’ve purchased, especially if you have the receipt. They have the proper tools and training to do so without damaging the item.

7. Is it illegal to remove security tags?

Removing security tags from items you own is not illegal.

8. What if I find a security-tagged item with no receipt?

If you find a security-tagged item without a receipt, you should not attempt to remove the tag. Instead, you should either leave it where you found it or turn it in to the store or authorities, depending on the situation.


We hope after reading the on top of the article about security tags, you’ll skill to get rid of them effectively with none special equipment. However, if you don’t want to require the hazard to ruin your precious cloth, then attend the shop from where you’ve purchased it and show the receipt in order that they can trust you. Don’t try the above methods for burglary as it’s a criminal offense.

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