How to Wear A Fanny Pack

Let’s go know how to wear a fanny pack. If you’ve ever accused someone in your life of being so uncomfortable for wearing a fanny pack, you in all probability be indebted to that person and request forgiveness.

The year’s most popular accessory is a fanny pack or a “waist bag,” if you’re feeling complicated and New Yorkers are giving the look another chance, in ways you might not expect.

The tendency solidified last year in the menswear world, stemming from some star-crossed incorporation of normcore, dadcore, gorpcore, and Shiacore.

It then appeared on the runways, with brands like Coach, Prada, Off-White, and Gucci all giving it the high-fashion “nerd” conduct. Next, it was adopted by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Jared Leto, as well as by street-style stars the world over.

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About Panny Pack

Finally, anywhere down the line, someone figured out that fanny packs could also be worn as shoulder bags, rather than just waste bags. Most likely, it was a real-life, actual skater or biker who needed easy and at ease access to their things while on the go-away.

Someone fresh in Japan or New York then saw it and copied them, only to discover it was great for raves, music festivals, shopping, or whatever cool people need both hands to do.

And eventually, it goes from a high-fashion “look” back to its streetwear roots, with Supreme, Nike, and North Face being the brands of choice once supplementary.

If all you know of fanny packs is the neon pink one your mom wore in the ’80s, it’s time to re-think your estimation of them! Fanny packs, also known as belt bags or bum bags, come in all styles and colors now, and you can even find some high-end options.

If you want to start wearing a fanny pack, try out a few different styles and looks to make outfits with pieces from your own clandestine.

Wear Your Butt Pack Around Your Waist for a Classic Style

This is a simple thanks to keeping your essentials accessible. Try wearing your fanny pack around your natural waist just above your stomach button.

1. Wearing a fanny pack here will also help you highlight your figure and give your waist more definition

2. If you have a small fanny pack, try looping it through your belt loops for a more slight move toward

3. If you don’t want your fanny pack to be front and center, try turning the pack around to your back

Sling the Bag Across Your Chest for a More Modern Style

Your fanny pack will look more like a purse or a small handbag. Fastener your fanny pack together and throw it over one shoulder, then position the pack itself in front of your upper body.

1. This looks really cool if done over a blazer or a fitted denim jacket

2. If you don’t want your fanny pack front and center, slide the pack itself around to your back. When you need to reach your stuff, just position the pack in front of your chest again

Use a Slouchy Fanny Pack for a Laid-Back, Fun Look

Conventional fanny packs are great for everyday wear. Take hold of a large, slouchy fanny pack to throw on when you go to train, out with friends, or on a ramble.

1. A black bag pairs with almost anything, while bright or patterned ones can make a statement in any look

2. These slouchy fanny packs are usually bigger, too, so you can fit more things inside of them

Get Fashion-Forward With a Fanny Pack Over a Dress

You can wear this look for a night out on the town. Put on your favorite small dress, then add your fanny pack on top to define your waist and give emphasis to your figure.

1. Try to pick a fanny pack with good quality material, like leather, silk, or wool

2. This look works best for casual looks, date night, and semi-formal events, depending on the bag you choose. Skip it for formal events


Q. How do you fashionably wear a fanny pack?

A. Revolve it around: Wear it crossbody with the pack in the front or the back. Wear it over your outwear: If you select to wear it around your waist, wear it over your clothes. You can wear it over a jacket, or even over a one-piece garment or dress.

Q. Where are you supposed to wear a fanny pack?

A. There are two main ways to wear a fanny pack: around your hips in front of you like a normal person, or slung across your chest like a fashion person.

I would say there’s a third way around your hips with the buckle at your front and the fanny above your fanny but nobody actually does that.

Q. Is it weird to wear a fanny pack?

A. Fanny packs or waist bags are absolutely in style right now. Streetwear has people, including myself, wearing them across the chest. Shoulder bags are as well in style too.

Q. What is a fanny pack called now?

A. What is a fanny pack called now? A moon bag, belly bag, belt bag, waist bag, or fanny pack (US), or bum bag is a tiny cloth small bag worn around the waist by using a fastening over the hips that is commonly secured with some kind of clasp.

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