Nike Revolution 5 Review

The Nike Revolution 5 Review (Better of 2024)

Hey! Are you looking for woman Nike shoes, the Nike Revolution 5 Review for you. From time to time, there appears on the market with trainers, something quite unusual.

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Something that you simply might not see from the very first look but that quite changes the running series significantly and thus the entire running experience isn’t what you actually expected. And the truth is that Nike Revolution 5 is pretty much this case. But let’s take it step by step. After using the shoes for 50 miles, I can contribute with some observations.

In general, what you will probably appreciate at Nike Revolution Review is their perfect fit. You can get the shoe in both, narrow and equivalent as in wide versions.

On the opposite hand, what’s a touch of a shame is that the incontrovertible fact that the producer didn’t make removable insoles at this point. Otherwise, I would call it just perfect. The upper is just about standard, traditional, lightweight Nike upper.

It doesn’t insult but it’s nothing exceptional either. It is actually so thin that you simply could also be even thinking, “what am I paying here for?” Well, the fit would be definitely the solution. It is excellent in my opinion because it’s comfortable.

Even though there’s just little material (especially over toes) and it’s going to seem that it’ll not last long, the shoes didn’t get wiped out. After those 50 miles that I used them for, they remained without a change.

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What is Nike Revolution 5

The Nike Revolution 5 refers to a specific model of running shoes offered by Nike, a popular sportswear and athletic footwear company. The Nike Revolution series is known for providing affordable and comfortable running shoes that are often used for casual running and everyday activities.

The Revolution 5 was the successor to the Nike Revolution 4 and was designed to provide a balance between comfort and performance. These shoes typically feature lightweight materials, cushioning in the sole for impact absorption, and a simple, versatile design. However, specific details about the Revolution 5’s features, availability, or any updates beyond September 2021 are not within my knowledge.

The 7 Best Nike Revolution 5 Review for 2024

However, I can provide you with a general idea of some features that people often appreciate in the Nike Revolution 5, based on its predecessor and common trends in running shoes. Keep in mind that specific models or rankings might have changed since then.

Here are some features that could make a Nike Revolution 5 model one of the best choices:

Comfortable Cushioning: The Nike Revolution series typically offers lightweight cushioning that’s comfortable for everyday wear and light running.

Breathability: Good ventilation in the upper material helps keep your feet cool during activities.

Durability: Durable outsole materials can extend the lifespan of the shoes, making them a good value.

Affordability: The Revolution series is known for offering budget-friendly options for runners and casual wearers.

Versatility: A versatile design that can be used for both running and casual activities.

Lightweight Construction: Lightweight shoes can enhance your overall running experience.

Updated Styling: Nike often updates the style and color options of their shoe models to stay in line with current trends.

Our Verdict of Nike Revolution 5

Nike has steadily been moving far away from big bulky models while slowly moving toward light, lean models with a good kick. That’s how we’d describe the Nike Revolution 5.

The upper is stripped down, so it feels more natural almost to the purpose of being minimalist but there is a healthy layer of padding along the collar and underfoot to keep you running in comfort because the miles travel by.

It’s a reasonable shoe meant for the typical runner fixing a couple of shorter runs each day, but you’ll still be in fine condition on serious endurance runs.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Nike Revolution 5 may be good as an all-around shoe. They shine at shorter distances but work well at mid-and long distances too. We broke them down across our performance measures to ascertain how they stacked up against the remainder of the sector.

Performance Comparison of Nike Revolution 5


Leaner running shoes tend to have limited responsiveness. Nike even touts the Revolution 5 as a minimalist model, so you’ll expect it to be more on you, less on the shoe. There isn’t much to the upper to enhance responsiveness or provide stability.

The knit textile upper is slightly tougher than regular mesh, so it does tend to limit the flex that might happen within the upper, reducing the energy that might otherwise be lost.

The heel is additionally neat to limit slippage and keep the shoe adhering to your foot as you run. It feels nice and allows you to actually open it up without getting that flip-flop-falling-off feeling.

Nike describes its midsole as a soft foam, yet it’s exactly because it isn’t an especially soft foam that it’s any degree of responsiveness. It’s a firm stack, and it kicks back to stay you bounding. This is one more reason we prefer it on shorter runs.

It’s not an excellent plush model, so it doesn’t absorb the maximum amount of impact because of the big, heavy maximalist models.

Of course, that’s a determination each runner will determine for themselves, but generally, cushier midsoles are more forgiving on long runs, and firmer midsoles, just like the Revolution 5, are better for short fast runs.

Landing Comfort

These hit a pleasant medium between plush and firm. The thick stack under the heel certainly provides tons of fabric between your foot and therefore the ground, saving the knees and other joints. Yet the foam is actually quite firm. Perhaps that’s due to the way Nike married the rigid rubber outsole to the softer foam midsole.

Because the outsole is so dense and rigid, the landing is stiffer. Still, it isn’t unpleasant, but it’d keep you limited to shorter runs. We preferred these on runs up through the 3-mile mark. We were still great at 5 and 6 miles. 10 miles kind of stiff.


A pair of men’s size 11 weighs in at 22.5 ounces. It’s right about within the middle of the cohort, and it’s reasonable to expect them to return at that weight. Their toughish upper just isn’t getting to be as light as some feather track shoe, but we suspect you are not getting to notice it.

That extra padding within the tongue and collar also features a weight, though they do not go overboard. It’s a nice balance. We suspect much of the weight is coming from the fat heel stack and tougher outsole.

We think they’re worth the trade-off, but certainly, there are much lighter shoes out there if that’s what you prefer.


The big point to hide with the Revolution 5 is that the outsole. First off, the outsole is nearly entirely covered by a troublesome rubber for cover against abrasion, piercing, and other traumatic attention. Generally, that’s a good thing. However, there are a couple of oversights within the design.

Upper Comfort

The knit upper on the Revolution gently hugs the foot without squeezing, though you’ll still get an honest deal of lock-down with the laces. The overall design is pretty ideal.

The collar and heel cup are shaped to stay the foot locked in without having to suffocate your ankle with laces. That’s helped along with a slightly supple tongue and a thin layer of collar padding.

The toe box is just barely larger than snug. It’s wide enough to permit your toes to splay as you land and begin, but no more. The inside also features a sculpted feel, lending a touch more to the minimalist credence touted by Nike.

We don’t dispute that the shoe feels light and natural, nearly minimalist, but at the top of the day, it’s still a fairly padded, thick-soled standard shoe that rides a lot more sort of a standard shoe than a minimalist model.


As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, the mesh upper has more of a canvas quality thereto. That’s ideal for improved durability, but it makes it less breathable.

The trade-off here is that it is also a touch more protection within the cold and wet. Good luck finding an identical shoe to remain warm and dry in when it’s cold and rainy.

As far as its limitations, if you’re running in really hot, muggy conditions, you’ll likely wish you did not have an enormous, thick tongue with pillow padding. That said, your heel could be warm, but your toes should be cool enough.

This is a way better shoe for mornings, evenings, and more arid climates where you are not getting to have a quart of sweat sloshing around your feet within 45 minutes.


The Revolution 5 is discounted compared to most other trainers, but reciprocally, you get less durability and might find yourself wanting to replace them before you want.

If you are a serious runner or put in an additional than 15 miles every week, you would possibly want to seem at something which will last longer, but your average runner should see a couple of good seasons out of those.

Buying Guide

Certainly, here’s a general buying guide for choosing running shoes, which can be applied to the Nike Revolution 5 or any other running shoe model. Keep in mind that individual preferences and needs can vary, so consider these factors when making your decision:

Fit and Comfort:

The most important factor is finding shoes that fit properly and are comfortable. Your toes should have some wiggle room, and the shoes should securely hold your heel without causing friction.

Foot Type:

Determine your foot type: neutral, overpronation, or underpronation (supination). This will help you select shoes with the appropriate level of stability and cushioning. Many specialty running stores offer gait analysis to help determine your foot type.

Cushioning and Support:

Consider the level of cushioning and support you need. Light cushioning is suitable for shorter distances and faster runs, while more cushioning is better for longer distances or those seeking additional comfort.

Terrain and Use:

Think about where you’ll be running. Different shoes are designed for road running, trail running, or a mix of both. Choose a shoe that matches your running environment.


Look for shoes with breathable materials, especially if you’re running in hot or humid conditions. Proper ventilation can keep your feet cool and dry.


Check the flexibility of the shoes. They should bend and flex at the same point your foot naturally flexes during a stride.

Arch Support:

If you have specific arch support needs, consider shoes that cater to those requirements. Some shoes offer more arch support than others.

Size Up:

Running shoes often require a slightly larger size than your regular shoes. This accommodates foot swelling during longer runs.

Try Before Buying:

Visit a specialty running store if possible. They can provide personalized advice and even analyze your gait to recommend suitable shoes.

Brand and Model:

Consider well-known brands like Nike, but also explore other reputable brands. Different models within a brand can offer various features and fits.


Read reviews from runners who have used the shoes you’re interested in. This can provide insights into real-world experiences with the shoes.


Set a budget range, but remember that investing in a quality pair of running shoes can contribute to your comfort and performance while running.

Replace When Worn Out:

Running shoes have a lifespan of around 300-500 miles (480-800 km), depending on factors like your weight and running style. Replace them when they show signs of significant wear.

Remember that choosing running shoes is a personal decision, and what works well for someone else might not be the best fit for you. Take your time, try on different options, and prioritize comfort and performance based on your individual needs and running habits.


Q. Are Nike Revolution Good for running?

A. The Nike Revolution 5 is an entry-level, well-priced running shoe, made with soft foam to ensure a comfortable run over short distances (i.e. 5-10km).

The shoe appears more premium and performs with more durability than similar shoes during this price range, e.g. Adidas Duramo 9 and Under Armour Micro G Pursuit.

Q. What are Nike Revolution shoes for?

A. The Nike Revolution 5 cushions your stride with soft foam to help keep you running in comfort. Lightweight knit material wraps your foot in breathable support, while a minimalist design fits in only about anywhere your day takes you. Lightweight knit textile wraps your foot in breathable comfort.

Q. Are Nike Revolution 5 GOOD?

A. The Nike Revolution 5 is a good all-around shoe. They shine at shorter distances but work well at mid-and long distances too. We broke them down across our performance measures to ascertain how they stacked up against the remainder of the sector.

Q. Are Nike Revolution 4 good running shoes?

A. The Nike Revolution 4 is well-suited for indoor, pavement, or well-groomed trail running. Due to the very fact that they are doing not boast tons of upper support features or an aggressive lug system, these wouldn’t be the simplest choice for trail running.

Q. Is Nike kaishi good for running?

A. Good comfy fit. Perfect for running and jogging. Best for people with a sweaty foot like me because the sweat evaporates through the fabric and provides decent air circulation.

Q. Are Nike Tanjun good running shoes?

A. Nike Tanjun is a perfect sport running shoe for anyone who is searching for a fast, pocket-friendly solution and at the same time doesn’t care that much about the overall quality. It is an excellent example of a shoe where both these attributes come hand in hand.

Q. Are Nike Downshifter 9 good for running?

A. Men’s Nike Downshifter 9 Nike Downshifter 9 is a stable running shoe with a simple and stylish design. It is light and very versatile meaning that you can use it both for running, for your normal workout, and as an everyday shoe. Nike Downshifter 9 is especially suitable for use when getting to the gym.


In conclusion, if you’re thinking of taking up outdoor running, I would recommend you start with a more traditionally designed running shoe, with a sole that will last for more miles, and an upper which will serve you better altogether weather.

If you’re trying to find a coffee-priced, good-looking Nike shoe that performs across all areas of exercise, the Nike Revolution 5 would be an honest start line.

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